Multi-platform chess program

version 3.6.1

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j2chess is a nice chess program that is written entirely in the Java programming language and consequently runs on any platform where a suitable Java Runtime Environment is available (version 1.5 or more required).

j2chess is a pure hobby project and it's true to say its development progress is fairly slow... But who really minds? ;-)
By making j2chess public, I hope I'll give you the opportunity to have a good time playing chess and also you'll help me to improve it by sending me your feedback via email. That's it really!

The latest available version is j2chess r3.6.1, released the first of January 2016, and last but not least, j2chess is available as a free download.

Denis Frayssignes.

Key features

j2chess key features are:

And what's planned for the future versions?

Ideas for j2chess' future are...

NB: the to do list is almost as long as the j2chess development is slow... ;-)